Fitness Coach Gregory McPherson

Hi, I am Gregory McPherson. I was born in St. Ann, Jamaica. As I was a boy, my family migrated to New York. It was here I found my true passion - fitness. Back then, fitness meant for me weights and muscles, but as I educated myself and matured in mind, I discovered that it is much more than just exercise.

I became a fitness coach in 2015. At the core of my philosophy is the idea that we are more than just bodies. During my training I use the Functional Training model, Boxing and other methods of Athletic Training in order to help you achieve your fitness goals, such as Weight Loss, Mobility, Agility, Flexibility and Muscular Toning.

I also have a Bachelor of Science’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology, which is significant advantage in understanding every client. I believe that all my clients should leave my training with a great anticipation for the next one.

My greatest success is to see when my clients exceed their own fitness expectations. I help them let go off their fears, and become greater versions of themselves.

I train through Skype, WhatsApp, or FB Messenger video calling. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority!

Facebook: Gregory McPherson